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The products and supplies that support a culture of caring.

A Culture of Caring

For the past 15 years, Medical 1 Physician & Healthcare Supplies Ltd. has been helping people get the medical supplies they need, offering personalized service and expertise. Providing a range of health care supplies to physicians’ offices, pharmacies, care homes and individuals province-wide, the business has built its excellent reputation the old-fashioned way — through word of mouth.

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What Our Customers Say

- Dianne Beauchamp -

"I have always been able to drop by easily and pick up what i need. The staff are helpfull and kind"

- Paige Sveinbjornson -

"Medical 1 had a huge selection of PPE and other medical needs. If you need gloves, masks, any medical supplies they would be a go to in Regina!"

- Chad Tameling -

"Some really amazing products that you can use in your daily life. Metallic band-aids for the restaurant industry, reheat-able neck and body pads. Cool stuff and really nice owners."

- Adam Schaffer -

"Really nice owners and accommodating staff. Cool stuff to keep on hand to make life a little less painful and a lot safer!!"

- Selina Hogan -

"Wonderful people!"